Camping Apps for the Techie Camper

Today, very few people do not have a cell phone and even fewer people leave their technological device at home even when they want to get away.  So understanding this fact can turn ones cell phone from a technological paper weight into a camping essential. 

Below are a few useful camping apps that one will find helpful and in some situations essential, especially if one is primitive camping.  Keep in mind though, that these apps are only good if one can get a signal.  In doing so, if you are camping in the backcountry do not solely rely on these apps instead follow all primitive camping safety rules. 

Oh My, I Forgot _____.  Apps to Help One Stay Organized

During my many camping trips, it never failed that I forgot something.  I always like to equate it to loading up the car with all the baby stuff and then forgetting the baby.  Now there are apps for cell phones that can help even the most disorganized camper get organized. 

Camping List by Engineered Stuff is just one of those apps.  This app is divided into to categories, which include clothes, cooking and dining, and safety.  You can click on each category, which in turn will open up with a list of supplies.

Another app that will keep your organized as far as planning your trip is Camp Finder by Camping Roadtrip.   This app allows you to view 18,000 campgrounds, RV parks and RV resorts.  What makes this app so nice is if you decide to be a free spirit and not prearrange a campsite, you will not be stuck staying on the side of the road or driving all around trying to find a place to stay.  A simple scan of the app and a few phone calls maybe all that is needed to find you a place to stay during that spare of the moment trip or poorly planned trip.


Apps to Help You Find Your Way

Where are we at is a question that has crossed every camper’s lips sometime or another.  One app that can help is the Spyglass by Happy Magenta.  This app is a compass, rangefinder, and gyrocompass all rolled into one.  You can tag your location, place it on a map and for those who would like to know where they fit in the universe, you can even add planets.

If you are looking for a more down to earth app consider the AccuTerra by NeoTracks.  This app will allow you to explore millions of miles of trails.

Consider MotionX GPS by MotionX if you are looking for a simple GPS system for your phone.  This app will allow you to plot a course, track your trip and share it with your friends.

What is That?  Apps to Help You Answer Those Nature Questions

Anyone with children knows that dreaded but important question, which is “What is that?”  But now you can answer that question with confidence or your children can answer their own question with this Field Guide App by Audubon Guides.  This app is organized by areas of the country and device.  You can not only use this app to answer the question about what was seen but also what was heard.  You can even record sightings and create your own lifelist of organisms you want to see.

And what about the questions from above, well yes there is an app for that.  The Star Walk app by Vito Technology can help you answer those questions about the stars.  This app will help you locate and identify over 20,000 objects in the sky.

Knot Tying App

Have you ever needed a certain knot for your tent, fishing pole or just to show off?  Well, if that is case then consider using the app What Knot To Do by Columbia Sportswear Company.  This app provides clear, detailed instructions on how to tie each knot and what is best is the fact that it is free to download.

Dutch Oven Charcoal App

The Dutch Oven Calculator app is very useful for campfire cooks or those who wonder how may briquettes they will need to get the Dutch Oven up to 350 degrees.  To answer your question, simply type in your pan size, temperature required and cooking method, and once the information is received you will know how many briquettes you will need.  At this point, there is no more guesswork.