Camping and Rv'ing - Read All About It!

While reading about camping and RVing is a distant second to actually being out in nature and doing it, camping and RV'ing magazines provide some great information about camping units, camping destinations, camping gear, camping food, plus a lot more. My husband thinks I go a little overboard on my camping and RV magazine subscriptions and he's entitled to his opinion, but I'm going to keep reading and enjoying them!

If that camper or Rv'er on your Christmas list is really difficult to buy for, it's hard to go wrong with a RV or camping magazine subscription.

There's several camping and RVing magazines on the market. Here's how to choose: CAMPING LIFE MAGAZINE - for people who camp with a tent; and those using smaller towable camping units such as popup campers (also called folding tent trailers), truck campers, A-line units, small travel trailers, hybrid travel trailers, and truck campers.

TRAILER LIFE MAGAZINE - for camping enthusiasts who have any towable camping unit from popups to travel trailers to truck campers to 5th wheels.

MOTORHOME MAGAZINE - for RV'ers who used a motorized camping unit (class A, B or C). BACKPACKER MAGAZINE - for, yes you guessed it - people who do backpacking camping (those rugged wilderness camping individuals)

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ADVENTURE MAGAZINE - let's just say it's not for sissy campers like me. It's for active outdoor enthusiasts (both campers and non-campers) who are looking for great adventures all around the world.

AIRSTREAM LIFE MAGAZINE - for those "silver bullet" Airstream camper owners

Not sure what type of camping that hard to buy for person does? Then go with TRAILER LIFE MAGAZINE. It's the number 1 RV magazine in the United States.