Campfire Recipe: Crowd Pleasing Ham Sandwiches

How does one handle feeding a crowd while camping? The answer is simple. Either a big pot of chili or this recipe below will help you feed that crowd. Need more sandwiches? If the answer is yes then simply double the recipe and bake them in a 14 inch Dutch oven side by side.

Campfire Recipe:  Crowd Pleasing Ham Sandwiches


1 (12 ounce) package of King’s Hawaiian Rolls

½ pound of shaved ham

8 slices of Swiss cheese

1 stick of butter

1 ½ teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon of poppy seeds

1 ½ Tablespoon Dijon mustard

2 Tablespoons dried, minced onion



  1. Prepare your coals by first building a fire.
  2. Remove the rolls from the package in one sheet. Using a serrated knife, cut the sheet of buns horizontally so that the bottoms are half and the tops another.
  3. Place butter in a saucepan and melt the butter
  4. Add Worcestershire sauce, poppy seeds, Dijon mustard, and dried onion to melted butter. Mix.
  5. Unroll a large sheet of aluminum foil. Place the bottom half of the rolls on the aluminum foil.
  6. Drizzle one half of the butter mixture on top of rolls in the aluminum foil.
  7. Add the ham to the rolls.
  8. Top the ham with the Swiss cheese.
  9. Place the top of the buns on top of the Swiss cheese.
  10. Add the remaining butter mixture on top of the buns in step 9. Make sure that the ingredients are evenly spread.
  11. Wrap the aluminum foil around the stuffed bread. Place foil package in a 12 inch Dutch oven.
  12. Put lid on Dutch oven and move to a heat resistant surface.
  13. Arrange 10 prepared coals in a circle on the heat resistant surface.
  14. Place 12 inch Dutch oven on the circle. Cover lid with 20 prepared coals.
  15. Cook for 30 minutes.
  16. Once the time period has passed, knock off coals from lid and remove the Dutch oven from the circle of hot coals. Remove lid and lift out the foil pack.
  17. Open up and either pull the buns apart or separate with a knife.

**Please note:  you may decide not to use the foil packet method since you are putting the sandwiches in a Dutch oven. Do not. While the foil is an extra cost, it does save a lot on clean up time and who wants to spend a lot of time on clean up when you have a group of friends at camp.