Campfire Recipe: Cider Cheese Fondue

My husband and I have been camping together forever it seems.  When we had kids, our quite time together seemed to disappear but we were able to sneak some private moments together through some creative activities.  While these times were special, I always wanted to have a little more luxury.  The idea of how this could work came to me one day while I was watching The River Wild.  The story spoke volumes in all different personal directions but the one thing that really stuck with me was the wine scene.  If you are not familiar with this scene, the just is that the husband and wife are growing apart.  After the mother gets the son in bed, the husband has a glass of wine waiting for her.  While this approach ended up in an argument, it really got me to thinking.  My husband and I really needed a special treat for that special alone time and this is where the idea for this dish came from.

Today, my husband and I are empty nesters.  We no longer have to find a way to have private time but whenever we go camping we make it a point to open a bottle of wine while we are making the cider cheese fondue together.  Having quality time with my spouse, a bottle of wine and cider cheese fondue, who could ask for more?         

Campfire Recipe:  Cider Cheese Fondue


Liquid or spray oil

¾ cup of apple cider or apple juice

16 ounce block of extra sharp cheddar cheese

8 ounce block of Swiss cheese

1 Tablespoon of cornstarch

1/8 teaspoon of ground black pepper

1 loaf of French bread



  1. Build a fire to prepare coals.
  2. While the coals are heating up, grease the inside of a 12 inch Dutch oven with liquid or spray oil.
  3. Place a grilling rack above the fire and spread out the coals.
  4. Grate the extra sharp cheddar and Swiss cheese.  Place in a bowl.
  5. In the bowl from step 4, add the cornstarch and black pepper.
  6. Put the 12 inch Dutch oven on the grilling rack and add the apple cider or juice.
  7. Bring the apple liquid to a boil.
  8. Add the grated cheeses, cornstarch, and black pepper to the apple liquid.
  9. Stir until the cheese has melted.
  10. Move the 12 inch Dutch oven to a location on the grilling rack where there are only 4 to 5 coals.  This will add enough heat to keep the cheese melted. 
  11. Slice the French bread into cubes.
  12. Place a few cubes over the hot coals to toast, if you would like.

Dip the cubes into the cheese mixture and enjoy.