Camp Fire Recipe: Stuffed Roasted Marshmallows

Growing up as a kid, I loved roasted marshmallows. While my mother liked hers lightly toasted and brown, I loved mine burnt but……… always seemed that when I pulled the stick out the gooey center went with it. No, this really was no problem but for some people losing the sticky center was a sin. But now you have a reason to lose that delicious center, which is replaced with a delightful filling.

Ok, when it comes to fillings and roasted marshmallows chocolate comes to mind but do not limit yourself. While the recipe below does list a couple of different chocolate choices, fill free to experiment. Need some ideas? Well, frankly any pudding flavor will work. I have used butterscotch, caramel, coconut, banana, and even lemon. When I am really feeling special I will combine French vanilla pudding with freshly grated orange peel. This simple combination reminds me of one of my favorite treats and that the “dreamsicle.” Beyond that, you can also sprinkle your filled roasted marshmallows with toasted coconut to add a bit of sweet crush to any filling.

Camp Fire Recipe:  Stuffed Roasted Marshmallows


1 bag of large marshmallows

White chocolate

Chocolate mousse, chocolate pudding or hazelnut and chocolate spread

Whip topping in the can



  1. Build a fire to roast your marshmallows over.
  2. Once the fire is ready, put your marshmallow on a stick and hang over the fire.
  3. Continue to roast until the marshmallow is evenly brown.
  4. While still warm, gently pull out the stick so that the inside of the marshmallow comes out with the stick. Place the prepared marshmallow shell on a plate. Enjoy the center of the roasted marshmallow.
  5. Once you have your marshmallows roasted, place a grilling rack above the fire. Put a small Dutch oven on the grilling rack with a bit of water inside. What we are making here is a double broiler with a Dutch oven.
  6. Using a glass or ceramic bowl, place white chocolate inside the bowl.
  7. Once the water has began to boil, remove the Dutch oven from the grilling rack and place the glass bowl inside.
  8. Stir the white chocolate until it is melted.
  9. After this has happened, drizzle the white chocolate inside and on top of the roasted marshmallow. Do not fill the marshmallow with this chocolate but only use it as an accent.
  10.  Place whatever chocolate filling you choose inside a zip-type sandwich bag. This chocolate filling can be a mouse, pudding, or spread. Once chocolate filling is in the bag, seal it up and work the filling into one corner. After the filling is in the corner, twist the remaining part of the bag and snip the corner where the filling is located. Now squeeze the filling into the roasted marshmallows until they are full.
  11.  After all roasted marshmallows are full, top with spray of canned whipped topping.