Camp Cooking-The Reflector Oven

A reflector oven is an oven that directs heat down onto a cooking shelf where the food you want cooked is located. When it comes to a reflector oven for a campfire, the principle is the same. The heat from the campfire is directed toward a shelf that holds the food.

If you are camping and have unlimited space, a commercial type of reflector oven can be used. If, on the other hand, you do not have unlimited space, you can make a reflector oven out of aluminum foil. This homemade version is the one we will be making.

Creating a Reflector Oven

The first thing one must do when creating the reflector oven is to go in search two of the most perfect branches. These sticks need to be green, branched and around 20 inches long. You will also need two additional branches that do not have to be so perfect. This includes one 22 inches in length and one 18 inches long.

Once you have found the perfect branches, the next step is to bring them back to the fire ring and force them into the ground 18 inches apart. Make sure the forks of the branches are facing each other.

Now, take the 22-inch stick and wrap it with aluminum foil. Do not cut the foil. Place the stick on the forked branches and then unroll additional foil at a 45-degree angle away from the fire. Secure the foil to the ground by laying the 18-inch stick over the foil. Then, continue to unroll the foil toward the fire until you are able to line up the foil with the upright sticks.

Once this is done, place four stones on the bottom of the edge of the foil and cut. These rocks will be used to hold the baking pan.

At this point, the oven should look like a tent on its side.

To create sides for the oven, wrap one of the upright sticks with aluminum foil. Unroll the foil away from the fire pit and toward the back of the oven. Once the back has been reached, cut the foil and pinch the two pieces together. Repeat the process with the other side.

Now you are ready to cook.

Fresh Caught Broiled Fish

This fish can be placed on a baking pan that is lined with aluminum foil, which is place onto the baking self or it can be cooked directly onto the lower baking shelf of the oven.


Fish of choice, processed as needed Onions Fresh lemon juice Salt Pepper Optional Barbeque sauce, any flavor

Note: Amounts will depend on the amount of fish being cooked. Also, this recipe is based on the fact that the fire should be burning in the fire pit prior to preparation of food products.


1. Prepare pan if needed. Cut onions into slices. 2. Place half of the onions on pan or on baking shelf. Top with fish, lemon juice, salt and pepper. 3. At this point, add the barbeque sauce if you would like. 4. Top with remaining onion slices. 5. Place pan on the baking shelf, if using this technique 6. Flip fish once. 7. Cook until fish flakes easily with a fork. 8. Remove and enjoy

When using this cooking method, I would like to offer some hints and cautions. NEVER leave the fire unintended and always create the oven with heavy-duty aluminum foil. The thinner the foil the more likely it will tear. Also, monitor children around the oven. The fire is not the only danger with using this cooking method. The foil itself gets very hot, just like an oven. So act accordingly.