Bird Watching Goes High Tech

The days of carrying around a beaten up copy of a bird book while bird watching may soon become extinct. National Geographic offers software for your PDA that is perfect for bird lovers. The software is called "Handheld Birds" and is the first mobile interactive field guide. It has all the information from the "Field Guide to The Birds Of North America" in it, plus checklists to note and recall sighting information, several hours of record time so you can record the singing and calling of the birds you see, plus a comprehensive seachable database. The bonus is that a PDA is small and lightweight so loading this software onto one and taking off for some serious birdwatching is tons of fun.

The software costs about $250. If you don't already have a PDA, a good one costs around $250. To purchase the software or a special combo package of the software and a Palm Pilot PDA, go to: