Best Tents For Camping

I remember the first time I went camping in a tent. It was starting to get dark outside and we still had to set up our tent. This tent was definitely old school. There were a lot of parts to put together – it took us nearly an hour to accomplish the task. To further aggravate us, several friends showed up after us, got their tent up, and were sitting around drinking beer long before we finished getting our tent ready to go.

These days, however, that’s all changed. New tents are designed to be light and go up fast – some in as little as 2 seconds – I kid you not, watch this video:

Anyway, in the wide world of tents, you’ve got choices – lots of choices, including cabin tents, easy to find with this lists of the top 10 best cabin tents online. The first thing you need to decide is what you need it for. Do you need a big tent with space for a lot of people? Do you need a tent that is extremely lightweight and easy to carry for a backpacking expedition?

I’ve picked out some of my favorite tents for families (big enough for a bunch of folks and packed with features) and for individuals (lightweight and easy to setup and take down).