Best Sleeping Bags

Today’s pick for a great gift for the camping enthusiast… a sleeping bag.

I never really thought of a sleeping bag as anything all that great in the past. The one I had was a cheap one, but it worked.

Then this year I went camping and it was cold and very windy. Even in our popup camper, you could feel the wind. The first night I had a big pile of blankets and I was freezing. Then the next night my dad suggested I try a sleeping bag. I’ll admit I was skeptical since a pile of blankets hadn’t done the trick in keeping me warm, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I was really warm that night, almost to the point of being too warm in that thing. Now, I definitely appreciate the good ol’ sleeping bag.

So what should you look for when picking a sleeping bag?

When picking a quality sleeping bag, you basically have two options – synthetic or down (and a few offer the best of both worlds).

Down is generally going to be the warmer option, but synthetic insulation is cheaper and new synthetic sleeping bags are getting closer to the insulating power of goose down sleeping bags.