Best Portable Coffee Makers

On my Facebook profile, I have this piece of flair (remember Office Space?) that says “Instant human, just add coffee.” I realize that when you go coffee you tend to go without some of those comforts of home… indoor plumbing, high definition television, king sized beds, but one thing I’m not willing to go without even when camping is my morning cup of coffee.

Sometimes I’ll just find a coffee shop in the area and go have my favorite cup of joe there, but in some remote areas that’s simply not practical.

Fortunately, you can make a freshly brewed cup of coffee easily at your campsite (without having to resort to that instant crap) and even put it a thermos to keep it warm all morning long.

In fact, taking a thermos full of coffee to a scenic overlook in the morning is becoming a new favorite camping activity for me. I’ll usually take a notebook along with me to jot down whatever ideas I come up with or do a little writing. You could also take a book with you for some light reading, grab a paintbrush to do some painting or just appreciate mother nature at her finest even on a cool fall morning.