Best Metal Detectors For Finding Buried Treasure and Gold

Most hobbies cost money. Golfing, camping, fishing, bowling, hunting, snowmobiling, etc.

However, getting a metal detector to search for buried treasure is one such hobby that can actually pay you back.

Getting yourself a metal detector will allow you to go out and search for more than loose change buried in the sand. Of course you can search for coins, but you can also search for jewelry, gold, and even war memorabilia.

Some people have even done well enough to take their metal detecting hobby and turn it into a full time profession.

Gold fields have been revived due to metal detecting technology – it’s a heck of a lot easier to strike gold when you know where to dig. :-)

Some of the best metal detectors are offered by Minelab. Their Excalibur line even offers waterproof models that you take into and even up to depths of 200 ft when scuba diving to take your search for buried treasure to new depths (pun intended).