Best LED Flashlights - Shed Some Light On It

We sure have come a long way since the days of using torches to light our way in the dark. However, with recent advances in luminescence technology, using your old incandescent light bulb flashlight or kerosene lantern is just as barbaric.

If you haven’t taken the time to upgrade your arsenal of portable lights to light emitting diode (LED) technology, then consider this your presidential order to do so.

LED bulbs last thousands of hours (some as much as 11 years if lit continuously) and they stay cool to the touch (i.e. they won’t burn your finger if you touch them), and they use substantially less power to produce light.

Essential Tip: Once you get to the campground, I recommend you carry a pocketknife and flashlight with you at all times. On the last trip I failed to take my own advice on carrying a flashlight with me and went out for a late afternoon hike sans flashlight. I managed to get myself lost (a common event) with light quickly fading. I eventually happened upon a trail map but by that time it was too dark to read it and I was unsure which direction I needed to go so I proceeded to run on a dark trail hoping I was headed in the right direction… I wasn’t.

Fortunately, I eventually remembered that my iPod Nano would kick out a little light if I held it up close to the trail map, but if I would just have taken my own advice and carried a flashlight in the first place, those several minutes of near panic of being lost in the woods for the evening wouldn’t have happened.

[hops off soapbox]

Here are my top picks for LED flashlights and lanterns to upgrade your outdated flashlights and lanterns. (I’ve even got one that straps to your head for hands free lighting).