Another Camping Story

As I was cleaning out my camper this weekend I was thinking of all the fun times our family has had while camping. In particular it brought to mind one rather funny incident although I wasn't at all amused at the time.

During a meal while on a huge family camping trip (we had 4 families camping at the campground and had invited the rest of my husband's brothers and sisters, along with his parents, to join us for a meal) I went into our camper to grab something for the meal - I don't remember what anymore.

As I walked to one end of the camper (we have a pop-up tent camper) the camper suddenly tipped towards that end, causing me to scream and freak out. My husband hadn't remembered to put the stabilizing bars down on the camper when we had set it up the night before so when I was the only one in the camper and on one end of it, the darn thing tipped.

I stood in the camper trying to figure out what to do while everybody in the family was laughing. I was not only embarassed, but I was rather annoyed too because I heard my husband clearly say "whoops" so I knew it was something he had done or not done. And, it didn't help that he was laughing the hardest. Nor was I happy that he didn't come help me.

Instead, I slowly made my way back to the middle of the camper, braced myself as it tipped back upright, then walked out of it and put the stabalizing bars down myself (after I figured out what the problem was).

Then I spent the rest of the day and evening avoiding my husband because I was mad at him.

Now, everytime we go on a camping trip with our family we are asked if we put the stabilizing bars down because otherwise "I'll get scared and freak out on everyone again." Why is it that families only remember the stuff you don't want them to?