Activities for Kids While Camping

In this age of technology, camping with children can present problems with boredom. If you plan ahead and have activities in mind, they won't have time to get bored.

Hiking: this can be fun and enjoyable for all ages. Just make sure you select a trail that is appropriate for all skill levels, since it's easy to find plenty of reviews for any trail on the Internet nowadays. Take a water bottle and a snack for everyone. Wear the right kind of shoes for the type of hiking you will be doing.

Board and card games: we take several games with us on each trip. Let the kids decide which ones to take.

Flashlight tag: a favorite of our kids! Make sure you are not in a potentially dangerous area (drop-offs). Set boundaries. Respect the campsites of others around you.

Slingshot : We bought some slingshots at a hardware store on a camping trip one year. They became the highlight of the trip! We had contests all weekend to see who could hit certain objects the most.

Bike riding: we usually take our bicycles on our camping trips. Our kids love to ride their bikes on the campground roads. We camped near a "Rails-to-Trails" route twice and really enjoyed it (Virginia Creeper Trail).

Ranger Programs: state parks and national parks usually have programs set up by the Park Rangers. These are very informative, interactive, and educational. Also check into the Junior Ranger program for children. This kept our kids very busy one weekend ? and years later they still have their Junior Ranger badges that they earned.

Sightsee: find out in advance things to do in the area. Explore nearby small towns.

Geocaching: a fun way to treasure hunt!! You will need a GPS enabled device (ok, so you need technology for this).

Make up your own games: my husband brought a tennis ball with us on one trip. We used it by playing a game on the picnic table ? sort of like ping pong where the paddle is your hand. See how many bounces you can get before it hits the ground. You can also create other 'challenges' such as making the ball bounce once off the table, off a tree, or into a box. Just have fun with it!