A Woman’s Guide to Peeing in the Woods without Toilet Paper

Before I go on with this topic, I would first like to tell you a story about camping with my daughter in the backcountry.  Believe it or not, she really is not one to enjoy primitive camping.  Yes, she has no problem using an outhouse but using the bathroom out in the open is something she does not do unless she has to, I am honestly thinking about a portable toilet hire for next time. 

So as we planned this trip, I reminded her that she would have to “go” in the woods.  I also reminded her that we could only take one roll of toilet paper and we would have to carry it out.  Well, when she learned this information, she simply shrugged and went on packing.


The day of our backcountry camping trip came and away we went.  As we were hiking through the woods, she informed me that she needed to go pee.  We found an area that she felt comfortable with and away she went.  When she finished, she grabbed her roll of toilet paper and unrolled a large wad. I reminded her to put it in her zip-like bag.  After a little whining, I heard her get the bag out and seal the toilet paper inside.  As she came back to the trail, I also reminded her that we had one roll of toilet paper for each of us that were to last one week.  The next thing I heard was MOM…………………

As you can tell, it was a long trip and my daughter did not run out of her toilet paper.  The only reason she did not was the fact that I offered her these tips. 

The first suggestion I gave her was to use nature’s toilet paper for a number one but make sure it is not poison ivy.  The key is to just wipe off the excess moisture to prevent chaffing and infections.

The second suggestion was to use a “pee rag.”  A “pee rag” is a cloth that you only use to dry yourself off after peeing.  Tie the “pee rag” on the outside of your pack so that it can dry.  Exposing it to the sun and heat will not only dry it out but it will also kill many viruses.  To keep it fresh, wash it out in biodegradable soap every few days.

The third suggestion is to shake and drip dry the area before you pull your pants up.

The fourth suggestion requires the purchase of a Female Urinary Device.  This piece of equipment allows a woman to stand up a pee.  It also helps keep the back of your pants dry since you do not even have to pull you pants down.  When using this suggestion, make sure to boil the device in water and allow to dry before storing away after your trip.  Boiling in water will kill germs that may have built up in the inside of the device during its use.

Ok, you know that you really do not need toilet paper to pee in the woods.  Just a little planning on a simple bodily function will make this process easier, will reduce waste, and make your load lighter.  Finally, if you insist on using toilet paper, make sure to care it out regardless of how it was used.