A Guide To Motorized RV's

When it comes to the world of RV’s (recreational vehicles), there are two main types - motorized RV’s and towable RV’s. An RV by definition is “a vehicle, such as a camper or motor home, used for traveling and recreational activities.” A motorized RV is one that has its own engine and doesn’t need to be towed. It is its own fully functioning, self contained, self motorized home away from home.

There are three main categories of motorized RV’s. They are: Class A Motorhomes, Class B Motorhomes, and Class C Motorhomes. Class A Motorhomes are the biggest, the most expensive, and the most luxurious. Class B Motorhomes are typically the least expensive of the three categories, are the smallest, but can also be quite plush. Class C Motorhomes fall in the middle of the Class A & Class B Motorhomes in both price and size. They are generally the least luxurious of the three types of motorized RV’s, although that’s starting to change as manufacturers realize that mid-size RV owners enjoy those luxurious touches just as much as high end buyers.

In this guide, we'll cover all three types in great detail including typical costs, amenities, and which type of person of family each type of motorhome each is best suited for. 

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