7 Key Steps to Take before You Take Your Dog Camping

Believe it or not, camping with a dog is like taking your kids camping.  It takes a little preparation before you can hit the camping trail.  While some of these suggestions are commonly thought of, others may be something that you never realized that you would need to take your dog camping.

Camp Physical

Believe it or not, a camp physical should be on any precamping task list and this is true for man and beast.  Knowing that your dog is healthy enough to go camping is important and the doctor can provide suggestions on activities and supplies that you may not thought of.   



Part of the camp physical should also include updating any shots that are required.  This is very important because without proper shots you are endangering yourself, your dog, wildlife, and the public.  When getting the shot updates, make sure that you put the proper tags on your dog’s collar to show that your dog is immunized.  Also, make sure to get a paper copy of your dog’s updated shot record. 

Flea and Tick Treatment

This is one of the most important points that a lot of people forget.  While you may think about treating your pet when the weather warms, you may not think about that treatment when you go camping.  Not only can fleas and ticks be harmful to your dog but they also carry diseases like Lyme disease, which can be carried over to you.  It can also follow you home.  To prevent this, make sure that your dog has a recent flea and tick treatment.

Contact Information

What do you do if your dog gets loose from you and you have no contact information on them?  Well, chances are they will be taken to a shelter.  To reduce the chances that your dog will be lost forever, make sure that you have a tag on your dog’s collar with contact information and have your dog micro chipped. Also, have a temporary tag that has your name, cell phone number, your dog’s name, and campsite information, which includes camp name, site number, and dates you will be at the campsite.


Many campsites require proof that your dog’s shots are up to date.  The best proof is the paperwork you get from your vet.

Medication and Copy of Prescriptions

Just like humans, if your dog is on medication make sure to pack it along with copies of the prescriptions.  The copies themselves are simply for emergencies and proof that your dog needs these meds.

Notifying People

This tip may seem a little odd but it is very important to let people know that you will be camping.  Information that you will need to provide them is where you plan to camp and the phone number, how long you plan on camping and the fact that you will be taking your dog.  Also, inform the ranger of the camp that you have your dog with you, how long to plan to camp, and a contact number in case of an emergency.  This is very important information just in case something happens to you.  Having this information will allow camp officials to contact the proper individuals for your dog instead of the shelter.

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