5 Fun Camping Trip Activities

Going on a weekend camping trip is something that we all look forward to. Many of us have been camping ever since we were children, and we have lots of fun memories of the good times we had with friends and family.

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according to 5Best.com these five fun outdoor camping trip activities will us happily entertained and leave us yearning for that next time we can pack up the car and head out on another camping trip!

1. Hiking Hiking may seem like a simple idea, but a weekend camping trip usually takes us to some beautiful areas we visit only a few times. New surroundings always peak our interest and offer us miles of hiking trails full of places, people, and things we don't get to see and meet everyday.

Hiking trips are great exercise and make us feel better getting fresh air that we might not get being stuck in a cubicle all week long! Hiking trails are usually abundant near camp grounds and is something almost everyone down to the small children can participate in best predator call.

Next time you go on a camping trip how about heading out for a nice long hike? You will get some great exercise and see some new scenery in the process.

2. Kayak and Canoe Rentals Last but not least, renting an inflatable kayaks or canoe near your campsite, on a lake or river can be a blast! Usually locating a outdoor retailer and rental company online before you depart on your camping trip is pretty easy.

Paddleboarding is also a fun activity that's great for everyone in the family to try, but sometimes you just want to sit down and experience another kind of ride. There's no need to worry! This is why you can create your own paddle board kayak by just purchasing a paddle board kayak seat. With a portable paddle board kayak seat, all that's left to do is literally sit back and enjoy the ride!

Renting a kayak or canoe is a camping activity that can lead to a whole day of fun and exercise that will leave you sleeping well that night, and not caring that you are not in your own bed! Prices are generally pretty reasonable and most rental stores allow rentals that are only a few hours long, so you don't break the budget. Especially when the rental stores will transport and pickup the kayaks or canoes for you, it makes your job a lot easier! Check out the best kayaks from Smart Start Kayaking.

3. Airsoft Camp One of the most popular and newest outdoor activities. Airsoft Camp has become very popular for its effective firearms training strategy! Much like paintball but without the mess, airsoft is a game that allows players to carry out strategic battles using guns designed to shoot small, plastic BB's. There are a variety of guns to choose from as well as several different games to play. If your son has taken part in our paintball camps in the past, he will love airsoft. Campers should pack lots of camo! Gear is provided, but they can choose to bring their own too, we suggest checking at The Elite Drone for affordable gear for both beginners and advance players.



4. Biking A lot of times when we are camping there is a lot of walking involved, and the range of sights we can see and things we can do without getting into a car is diminished. Have you ever considered a weekend camping trip devoted to biking?

Nearly every State Park has a biking trail these days, and with how popular the bicycle has become of late, it's very easy to pedal your way to new destinations. Most of us own a bike, even if it is not the best that we could disassemble and take along on a camping trip. Biking somewhere besides your neighborhood can be exciting and allow you to see and cover a lot of ground that maybe you never could have before. Consider a fun bike ride in your next camping excursion.

5. Fishing/ Hunting Fishing might not be the first outdoor activity that comes to mind when heading out for a weekend camping trip, but hunting is, hunting is a fun activity, I like to hunt with a crossbow, check out this post by Crossbow Joe on best crossbow for the money as it's informational. Even for people who don't normally fish a lot, a camping trip fishing and hunting day can be something new and fun to try, hunting with shotguns is super fun and is safe,that is the most important part.

Deer hunting can be a great bonding experience for families, especially between father and son. Just make sure to take the right gear gear like one of these ar-15 rifles for a great time out there, you can find this at a gun shop . Also, we can't forget about the importance of bringing the right backpack when hunting, you need to make sure your belongings stay safe, check this weather proof hunting backpack sales and get one today!

Usually a lot of us camp near bodies of water; streams, lakes, rivers, and can usually find a fishing pole laying in the basement somewhere. Also, most states sell 2 day fishing licenses that are not very expensive. A hook and bob-er are usually cheap items and you can dig up worms for free in your backyard. Fishing forBEGINNERS can usually be fun for kids and even adults who never have had the chance to do it much, so give fishing a though next time you pack for your camping trip. For Kids Everyone knows that the adults are usually the ones who have all the fun and adventure. Motocross racing is one of the favorite sports that adults normally watch and for those who have a sense of adventure, they normally try to experience what a dirt bike is all about.

Today is a different matter. With the appearance of the kids dirt bike, even kids will have their chance to explore their adventurous side as well. A mountain bike is also another kind of off-road equipment that adults and kids can use.

The bike for kids to use is really mainly just a smaller version of the adult one. They are sometimes referred to as mini dirt bikes or pit bikes and can be used by kids from 5 to 15 years old. A typical one can come in different sizes, shapes and designs so every child who wishes to experience what it is like to drive around the dirt road will be able to experience it. With the rising popularity of the kids dirt bike, everybody wants to buy it for their kids on trip so here the best kids dirt bikes to buy.

These five fun camping activities are sure to make some more memories and experiences that you will not soon forget.