The Ultimate Lawn Chair

Since there’s been a theme of lawn chairs lately here on this camping blog, I thought it was time to really bring out the best lawn chairs have to offer.

I present you with this, the La-Z-Boy Whitley Recliner:

La-Z-Boy outdoor Whitley recliner

It’s a $600 chair, so it’s more than an entire set of regular lawn chairs, but this ain’t no ordinary lawn chair.

First of all, just look at it. It looks like it’d be at home as a stylish statement in a foyer, but no, this is an outdoor chair. It has a rustproof aluminum frame and fast drying cushions.

Oh yeah, and ain’t she pretty.

So next time you park your class a motor home at a campground, be sure to pull out a couple of these puppies so you can be the envy of the whole campground. And if you just can’t justify $600 for a lawn chair, stick it in the foyer for the rest of the year and just throw it in the camper when you leave on your next trip.

If you wanna pick up one of these puppies, you can get one at