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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Crème Brulee or Roasted Marshmallow

Friday, August 31st, 2012

As one is sitting around the campfire, one may find three kinds of cooked marshmallows. One is the blackened skeleton on a stick that once was a pristine white of gooeyness. The second type consists of those that fell off the roasting stick into the flaming inferno. The third type is the champion of all champions. It consists of beige, gooey perfection that is slightly toasted on the outside while remaining velvety smooth on the inside. Poets can only describe the taste of this perfection but for me the best description is one of a smoky sweetness with a touch of crunch.

One may wonder what the secret is to creating the perfect roasted marshmallow; the answer is simple and consists of six easy steps.

1. Choose the right stick by picking one that is green and straight. Also make sure it is long enough to keep one safely away from the flame.
2. Pick the right brand of marshmallow. Store brands typically burn quickly. To avoid this, pick name brand marshmallows only.
3. Push the marshmallow only half way through on the stick. This will reduce the chances of losing it in the fire. Also no double sticking marshmallows. Roasting one at a time will allow for even cooking.
4. Cook the marshmallow beside the flames and above the embers.
5. Rotate, rotate, and rotate the marshmallow for an even roasting.
6. Prior to the telltale signs of sagging, remove your marshmallow from the fire and consume it in one big bite. Consuming the marshmallow this way will keep the face clean.

Please note that when cooking your marshmallows always follow proper fire safety measures and avoid wearing baggy clothing.

Knowing how to cook the perfect outdoor crème Brule or roasted marshmallow is a delish skill that may take several tries to perfect. Practice makes perfect and since I am a perfectionist, this is my excuse why I cook so many roasted marshmallows. Bon appetite.

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