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Unnecessary Camping Equipment

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Like just about industry, the camping industry is ripe with products for sale that you don’t really need in order to camp. Sure, the manufacturers of these products will try to convince you that you need it to camp, and in some cases they’ve succeeded rather admirably at this, but if you’re looking to keep a few extra bucks in your wallet before your next camping trip, consider doing without the following:

Portable Grill

Part of the fun of camping is being able to cook a meal over an open flame. Why take the easy way out by bringing a grill with you? With your campfire and some basic equipment, you can cook just about anything!


The RV lifestyle has become very popular and is great for persons wanting to do some serious, long-term camping while enjoying some of the amenities of a home. But one is hardly necessary for a single camping excursion. It’s okay to camp the old-fashioned way by sleeping in a tent.

Air Mattress

It’s rather common for people to bring along an air mattress to sleep on in their tent. While this does add some comfort versus sleeping on the ground, isn’t the whole point of camping to reconnect with nature and escape the world of modern amenities? Unless you’re prone to serious back pain, a couple nights of sleeping on the ground won’t kill you. Think of it as a chance to reconnect with human history where sometimes sleeping on the ground was the only option.

Space Heater

If humanity survived thousands of years of evolution and sleeping outdoors without an electric space heater, you can too. Prepare by bringing adequate clothing (several thin layers is better than just a couple thicker layers) and sufficient blankets and sleeping bags. By doing this, you can leave the space heater at home.

Power Generator

If you’re going to go all the way out into the wilderness just so you can fire up a noisy generator and enjoy electricity, why not just stay at home? It’s entirely possible to sufficiently prepare for a camping trip that requires zero help from external electrical sources. You can do without a power generator on a leisurely camping trip.