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How to Convince a Reluctant Friend to Go Camping

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Camping can be a blast, but unfortunately not everyone feels that way. To some people, it’s sleeping on the ground in a stuffy (or cold) climate away from all of the modern amenities they have grown accustomed to. Terrifying visions of being forced to defecate in the woods and wipe with a leaf (possibly a poisonous one) or fend for themselves when a giant bear comes to raid their camp is enough to get some people to say, “no thanks.”

But as any experienced camper knows, camping is a great activity that is usually free from such horrors when proper planning and preparation have occurred.

So suppose you want to go camping but are having a hard time convincing a friend or significant other to go with you. You know perfectly well that if you can just get them in the woods, they’ll have a great time. But how do you get them in the woods? Well, here are a few approaches that may yield success:


As with all things in life, sometimes you have to give a little to get something you want in return. Offer some type of compromise whether it’s a willingness to try something they want to do that you don’t want to do, telling them you’ll pay for the trip so there is no financial burden on their end, or even just remind them about all of the great things you’ve done for them and how it would mean a lot to you if they tried it out.

Prepare for Success

Remember, when camping with someone, you’re also auditioning to get them to camp with you again. Make it a great experience for them! Camping can be a great time for everyone, so figure out different ways to tweak your camping experience to keep everyone happy. This way, next time you want to go camping you won’t have to twist arms as hard. A good tip is to pinpoint some of the reasons why your companion doesn’t want to go camping and then do what you can to remedy those excuses. For example, if they say they don’t like sleeping on the ground, bring an air mattress with a foam cover. You can usually always make camping fun for anyone.

Know the Fears

Here are the common reasons people don’t want to camp:

  • Fear of bugs
  • Fear of animal attack
  • No showers
  • Sleeping on the ground
  • Food quality/availability
  • Climate discomfort
  • Fear of being disconnected from the modern world

By knowing the typical reasons why some people don’t want to go camping, you can adequately prepare your sales pitch to dispel these concerns. Most people who are reluctant to camp can be talked into it as long as they feel like they are in good hands. Just reassure them that you (or a fellow camping companion) do this all the time and that everything will go smoothly. Throw in a little begging and whining and you should be all set.