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Camping Essentials ? Keeping Dry!

Monday, April 11th, 2011

The start of the camping season is something that excites people across the globe. The excitement suddenly sets in and they know they are going to experience something unique and something that they will never forget. Camping is not necessarily as glamorous as flying to a beach destination, but the experience it offers simply can not be replicated and that is why we like it, right?

One thing that can become a pet hate when camping is getting soaking wet. Whether than is walking to the local shops or due to the fact that a tent is leaking, getting and staying wet on a camping trip can be an uncomfortable experience. The reality is that there are plenty of things people can do to prevent this from happening!

#1 Sealing The Seams

An unfortunate reality is that not all tent manufacturers are the best. The main leaks tend to occur at the seams. For this reason, try and visit a local camp store and ask for some seam sealant. This will ensure that if there is going to be a leak ? it will not be coming through the seams!!!

Do not just do this once, but do it after every camping season.

#2 The Double Ground Sheet

A ground sheet is designed to keep people camping dry, but it does not always have the desired affect. Sometimes water can collect at the edges and start to seep into the tent. It might seem like there is nothing that can be done ? but there is! Simply fit a sheet underneath the ground sheet and tuck the edges of the ground sheet under it. Instead of the water collecting in the edges, it will trickle off the sides and the sheet will absorb it all.

#3 Keep Everything Indoors

On a nice sunny day, it seems that most campers could not have a care in the world ?and who could blame them? This is what we live for! The reality is that any camper knows the weather can change for the worse ? extremely quickly.

In order to try and protect objects and equipment used during camping, ensure that everything that is not waterproof is kept inside. Of course, some tents are slightly compact so there might not be too much space available. That being said, try to ensure that nothing touches the walls of the tent as this is something that will usually lead to a huge leak!

#4 Get Dry As Soon As Possible

There is no escaping the fact that people might go out and get wet. The trick is to try and dry off clothes as soon as possible. It might be that these people have plenty of spare clothes, in which case they should put the wet clothes and shoes out of the way of everything else.


There are hundreds of tricks and tips to try and help people to stay not just dry, but warm as well. The more tricks people use, the more likely they are to have an extremely good camping trip ? one that they will not forget!