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Go Camping ? Take ALL Of The Family!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Thousands of people are happy campers on a world wide basis. Camping destinations throughout the World continue to wow visitors with their picturesque views. Not only that, but camping can be an experience that can be had by all of the family. Many campers with young children tend to postpone their trips for a few years; but there is really no need.

People that have young babies tend to avoid camping altogether, but the reality is; they can come along too. Whilst taking a baby camping might seem like a stressful experience, it is just a case of being extra specially organized to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Each individual set of parents will end up with their own guidelines to preparation, but this is a guide to help.

The first thing to try and do is get rid of the negative attitude of taking a baby camping. Taking a baby camping is just like living at home, but they are already being given the opportunity to experience the outdoors. Take into account all safety concerns that should be implemented in the home and there will be no problems.

Preparation is something that will make this camping trip a lot less stressful. There is no doubt that taking a baby somewhere means taking a lot more bits and bobs. Even things to prepare the car in order to fit everything in (prior to the trip) will ensure the trip is much less stressful.

When taking a baby camping, a list will certainly need to be made. Using a normal camping list for foundations, start to build a separate list for the baby. Babies will need things like extra sets of clothes, extra blankets, things like sun screen and maybe even a fan. All these items are down to personal preference, so try and plan ahead by thinking about exactly what a baby will need throughout a camping trip.

A camping trip with a baby should not be regimented; it should be just as fun as usual. Try not to get too caught up in ensuring that everything is ?right?, but make sure it is fun for the baby as well. Think about things to do and see and of course; ensure enough toys are on board to keep them entertained throughout the camping trip!

Now that all the pre-camping trip items have been prepared, the next step is to organize what to do when the camping trip begins. Trying to keep a baby on their normal sleeping pattern is something that should not be a problem. A simple camp fire and some quiet music can be an extremely relaxing way to end a day and parents will be able to hear their baby if they start to cry.


Whilst a lot of people shy away from camping with babies, this is something that is really not necessary. People can still experience the adventure that they are used to and take their baby along too. The main thing to take into consideration is that preparation is really the main agenda here to ensure that the camping trip runs completely smoothly!

Get Prepared, Go Camping ? What You Really Need!

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Preparing a list of items to take camping might seem like second nature for a lot of campers. After 10-20 trips away, it is likely that people will know where everything that they need is, and they know exactly what they are missing.

The problem is though, not everyone would consider them selves to be an experienced camper. There is nothing worse than travelling to the perfect camping destination, only to realize that you are missing essential ingredients to make this trip one to remember. A lot of people take things for granted in every day life, so forget them on a camping trip and this will signify the importance of making a list!

A list is essential but to ensure that everything is covered, try and imagine the things that will take place on the camping trip. Eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, sitting, relaxing and going to the toilet? these are all things that need items to help the process run smoothly.There are other ways of obtaining the desired luxury, while still remaining true to the basic ethos of a camping trip. This is possible thanks to the massive range of camping gadgets, accessories and equipment that are now being made available.

You can buy pieces of equipment to make all sorts of aspects of the trip more pleasant. This means that you can obtain anything from a new camping toilet to items to assist with your cooking. You can create facilities similar to those that you’re used to at home. These purchases can add a whole new element to your trip.

What these camping accessories mean is that a higher standard of camping holiday is now easily available for a greater number of families. This certainly must be good news, particularly when you consider that many of these gadgets and accessories can be purchased online at discount prices. Check out the activity log to know more about gadgets and accessories.

#1 Furniture & Tents

Among the most important is the tent. Before setting off ensure that all pegs, poles and guide ropes are located in the tent bag. Alongside this think about taking the likes of camping chairs, tables (folding ones are usually suitable), sleeping bags, pillows, umbrellas and mattresses (or air beds).

#2 Toiletries

Going to the toilet when camping, can be an uncomfortable experience, for those that are not prepared with a portable toilet. Some camping and caravanning sites will have toilets, but if they do not, then you will need a portable toilet. Remember you need things like toilet roll and a waste carrier as well!

#3 Water

A lot of people underestimate the amount of water that they use when camping. Cups of tea, glasses of water, cooking noodles, washing, brushing teeth, cleaning shoes ? these are all activities that need water. In order to ensure you have enough water, take some water containers. Some camping stores will sell collapsible water containers which are ideal for camping as they save space when they are empty.

#4 Gadgets & Accessories

There are a lot of little items that could come useful throughout a camping trip. Think of things like matches & dry wood for lighting fires, a pen knife, lanterns and torches, most important ostomy support belt and even shovels! These could get campers out of trouble so are definitely worth taking. The best thing about all of these items is that they take up literally no space at all!

#5 Camping Gear

The reality is that a lot of camping destinations are some of the most picturesque in the World. This means that campers are likely to want to move around and explore. For this they might need the likes of Gore-Tex clothing (keep warm when it is cold and visa versa!), bags, hiking shoes, waterproof jacks and plenty of spare clothes. Do not let a camping trip be ruined due to the lack of correct clothing!

#6 First Aid kit

In case of any injuries, it?s always nice to have a handy first aid kit. Here?s some info about what to have in a first aid kit.


There are hundreds of things that can be taken on a camping trip. Try and map out a day visually and think about the items that will need. Anything item or object comes to mind – jot down. In fact, all these items can be purchased at local camping stores ? so this might be a trip worth making prior to a camping excursion.

Remember; it is better to take to much equipment in comparison to not enough!

Happy camping?

28th Annual Northeast RV Show

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

The 28th Annual Northeast RV Show will be held September 23-25 at Rockland Community College Field House in Suffern, New York (map).

The show will feature RVs, motorhomes, trailers, 5th wheels, pop-ups, and camper vans. Twenty dealers will be represented among the 150+ new and used vehicles on display.

Show Hours:

Friday, Sept 23rd: 10 am to 9 pm
Saturday, Sept 24th: 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday, Sept 25th: 10 am to 6 pm

There are no tickets available for presale. Admission is paid at the door, cash only. Pricing is $8 for adults and $3 for juniors between 10-15. Children under 10 are free with adult accompaniment. Free parking is available at over 2,000 spaces around campus. Call 845-343-2772 for more information.