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Camping and Rv’ing – Read All About It!

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

While reading about camping and RVing is a distant second to actually being out in nature and doing it, camping and RV’ing magazines provide some great information about camping units, camping destinations, camping gear, camping food, plus a lot more. My husband thinks I go a little overboard on my camping and RV magazine subscriptions and he’s entitled to his opinion, but I’m going to keep reading and enjoying them!

If that camper or Rv’er on your Christmas list is really difficult to buy for, it’s hard to go wrong with a RV or camping magazine subscription.

There’s several camping and RVing magazines on the market. Here’s how to choose:

– for people who camp with a tent; and those using smaller towable camping units such as popup campers (also called folding tent trailers), truck campers, A-line units, small travel trailers, hybrid travel trailers, and truck campers.

TRAILER LIFE MAGAZINE – for camping enthusiasts who have any towable camping unit from popups to travel trailers to truck campers to 5th wheels.

MOTORHOME MAGAZINE – for RV’ers who used a motorized camping unit (class A, B or C).

– for, yes you guessed it – people who do backpacking camping (those rugged wilderness camping individuals)

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ADVENTURE MAGAZINE – let’s just say it’s not for sissy campers like me. It’s for active outdoor enthusiasts (both campers and non-campers) who are looking for great adventures all around the world.

AIRSTREAM LIFE MAGAZINE – for those “silver bullet” Airstream camper owners

Not sure what type of camping that hard to buy for person does? Then go with TRAILER LIFE MAGAZINE. It’s the number 1 RV magazine in the United States.

2009 Woodalls Camping Directory For the Camping Enthusiast

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

If you have a camping enthusiast on your list and are looking for gift ideas, the 2009 Woodall’s Camping Directory may be just the thing to give them. The guide is is currently on sale for 50 percent off, which means it only costs $12.95 and it comes with a bonus interactive CD. Plus it has a 100 percent money back guarantee.

The only downside is that delivery before Christmas isn’t guaranteed but that just gives you the opportunity to really confuse the recipient because you write what the gift is on a little piece of paper and wrap it in a small box with some rocks. The rocks are obviously just to throw off those people who feel the need to shake every present before they open it. I have a child who used to like to do that but one year I wrapped one of his presents in a shoe box that contained two smaller boxes. One of the small boxes had the present in it (can’t remember what it was anymore) and the other was full of broken glass. When he shook it I got this shocked look on my face and said, “Adam! You broke it!” Although I will never win an Oscar for my acting abilities, he believed me. I let him in on the joke and told him not to open the box of broken glass, but it cured him of the desire to shake the heck out of his boxes before opening them. But, I digress.

The 2009 Woodall’s camping directory is 2000 plus pages long and is a great resource for campers and RVers. It has over 15,000 campground and RV resort listings, covering the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Some of its other features include:
– Enhanced Instant Internet & Wi-Fi Information!
– Locations of hundreds of RV sales/service dealerships
– Listings of fun attractions to visit while traveling
– Handy “at-a-glance” charts tell if a campground welcomes Big Rigs, is Internet friendly, welcomes pets and accepts online reservations
– Detailed maps and “Rules of the Road” for each state and province
– A special editorial on “One Tank Trips”

To order, click here to go to Woodall’s website.

I don’t know how long the special pricing will last and I’m not saying that to try and get you to rush to Woodall’s website to place an order.

Black Friday Deals For The Avid Camper

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

While the Black Friday deals that tend to get the bulk of the attention are the super low prices on laptops and other electronics, there’s a whole lot of other great deals out there.

Since this is a camping site, here are some cool deals for you guys:

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TomTom 125 GPS – $99.99
Salmon River Shepra Lined Jacket – $19.95
Ultra Deluxe Adam & Eve II Double Sleeping Bag – $139.99

Bass Pro Shops
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Midland XT24 GMRS Radios – $19.99
Garmin Nuvi 255 – $169.95
Garmin Nuvi 750 – $219.94

Gander Mountain
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Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Socks (I love these!!!) – $9.95
Midland 2-Pack 20-Mile GMRS Radios – $39.95
Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Medal Detector – $119.95

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping experience!