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Mark Your Calendars for the World’s Largest Truck Camper Show and Rally

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

The event that is touted as the world’s largest Truck Camper Show and Rally is just around the corner. The show is going to be held on July 12, 14, and 14, 2007 at Lake Ogallala Campground in Ogallala, Nebraska. The rally is July 7-10 and the 11th is setup day for the show.

One of the reasons that people really like this camping show above all others is that it is set in a camping environment rather than in a huge exhibit hall. Plus, because the show is in an actual camping environment, many of the owners and CEO’s of the companies exhibiting or involved in the show other ways camp at the show with their families making it a very friendly social event.

A few of the exhibitors that will be at this year’s show include: Alaskan Campers, Alpenlite, Travel Lite, Northern Lite, Lance Campers, Northstar Campers, Snowriver, Arctic Fox, Bigfoot, S&S Campers, Oregon Camper, Palimino RV, Okanagan, and Hallmark RV.

If you are thinking about purchasing a truck camper or already own a truck camper and want to take your truck camper to the rally and/or show to hang out with other like minded people, you should go to this show. Check out the show website for more information on where to camp during the event (there’s hotel information too) and for more information about the show.

Find A Scenic Way To Reach Your Destination

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

While it’s true that freeways and highways will usually get you to your camping destination the fastest and easiest, wouldn’t it be great to have getting there be fun and more scenic? There’s lots of beautiful scenery to see from the road all over the United States and Canada. The trick is knowing where to find it. To find some of those very scenic drives, go to and click on a state or Canadian province. Not only will you get a list of scenic drives to take, you’ll get a list of the auto museums in that state that you can visit if you are an automotive history enthusiast.

In addition, the interstates in each state are listed along with notes about where in the state they pass through, if there are any interesting thing to see or do along the way, plus several other pieces of good information.

While this website isn’t all inclusive, it does have a lot of good suggestions. So the next time you’re going camping or RV’ing, or just going for a drive, check out the website for some suggestions on how to see more of the natural beauty the United States and Canada have to offer.

Online Safety Brochure For Traveling in the Florida Keys During Hurricane Season

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Yes, camping is a lot of fun. But, like nearly anything there can be a few downsides. Storms are one of them. A person camping in a tent or RV is vulnerable when severe weather hits, especially very severe weather like hurricanes.

The Florida Keys is a beautiful place to visit and in an effort to help people safe, the Florida Keys tourism council has put together a downloadable online brochure titled “Prepared in Paradise.” It’s a informational brochure for travelers who are traveling in the Florida Keys during the Atlantic Hurricane Season which officially runs from June 1 to November 30. But the peak hurricane season is quite a bit shorter, from August 15 to October 1.

As stated on the first page of the downloadable document, “Chances are you will never need to use the information in this pamphlet.” That’s a good thing. On the other hand, being prepared and knowing what to do if there is a hurricane heading for the area could help save your life.

One key piece of information in the pamphlet is: “If a hurricane is threatening the Florida Keys, a mandatory evacuation order will be issued asking alll visitors to leave. Usually the evacuation begins about 48 hours before the projected arrival of the storm’s fringes and is only ordered if there is a significant threat.” Faxes and e-mails are sent to all lodging facilities (including campgrounds and RV parks) informing them of the evacuation and giving the details on how to evacuate.

Information on when it’s safe to return can be found online at: or by calling 1-800-FLA-KEYS. The website also has lots of helpful travel information.