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This Weekend Was Camper Cleaning Day

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Our first camping trip is coming up in a little over a week so we got our pop-up camper out over the weekend and cleaned it from top to bottom, inside and out. We took down all the curtains and washed them, shampooed all the cushions and upholstery, scrubbed every surface, and even remembered to the clean the air conditioner filter. Cleaning the camper is the only part of camping that I really hate doing. I had to keep telling myself "you get to go camping in less than two weeks" over and over again so that I would stick with it and get it done.

We finally finished Sunday night around 7 pm when I finished writing my list of supplies we needed to replenish and things that we needed to get fixed like the table leg that broke on our camping trip last fall and the screen door that has a big hole in it.

I threw away last year's bug repellant and am going to get a new supply because it loses its potentency over time and if there's one thing that turns a camping trip into a nightmare for me it's bug bites because I have allergies.

When you get your camper ready for camping this year make sure all your cooking utensils are in good shape and aren't in need of replacing, that your flashlights and lanterns are in working order and that you have spare batteries for them.

Make a list of what needs to be fixed and what needs to be purchased.

We need new camping chairs this year along with a new portable grill. We're getting TravelChair camping chairs because I've been told by several people they are very comfortable as well as durable and we're getting a Weber Baby Q gas grill for grilling out which we do almost every meal when we camp.

Make sure your first aid kit is well stocked and that any old ointments or medications are tossed and restocked with new ones. Take special care to check the expiration dates on pain relievers. Also replace any sunscreen leftover from last year. Like bug repellant, it loses its potency over time too and a sunburn is another thing that takes a lot of the fun out of a camping trip.

Also make sure you have a pen and a pad of paper in a handy place in your camper when you go camping this year. Then, when you run out of things or notice something that is broken, you can write it down right away and get it taken care of when you get back home (if it can wait that long).

I'll let you know how our first camping trip goes. We're leaving on May 8. Right now it looks likes the weather will be pretty good execpt for the 8th when it's supposed to rain. I just hope it stops long enough for us to get our camper set up when we get to the campground. Otherwise, we're going to get wet!

Motion Lights For Your Camper or RV

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

RV Innovations make attractive looking motion lights that can be used in the interior or on the exterior a camper or RV. They are a good idea when you are looking for extra light, especially at night when it’s easy to stub your toe when trying to find your way around your dark RV.
rv innovations motion light
They’re battery operated (3 AAA batteries)
Have a motion activated LED
Are available in white or charcoal
And the light fades out after the motion stops so you don’t have to worry about turning it back off

It costs $98 for a set of four.

Although they can be used both indoors and out, I would hesitate to use them outside because there’s usually lots of motion outside at night at campgrounds. Depending how sensitive they are (the description didn’t say if the sensitivity level could be adjusted or not), the swaying of trees could cause them to go on. They would end up being more of a disruption than anything else.

But for the interior of your camper or RV they could be a really nice thing to have.

If you’re interested in purchasing them, go to

The Ultimate Lawn Chair

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Since there’s been a theme of lawn chairs lately here on this camping blog, I thought it was time to really bring out the best lawn chairs have to offer.

I present you with this, the La-Z-Boy Whitley Recliner:

La-Z-Boy outdoor Whitley recliner

It’s a $600 chair, so it’s more than an entire set of regular lawn chairs, but this ain’t no ordinary lawn chair.

First of all, just look at it. It looks like it’d be at home as a stylish statement in a foyer, but no, this is an outdoor chair. It has a rustproof aluminum frame and fast drying cushions.

Oh yeah, and ain’t she pretty.

So next time you park your class a motor home at a campground, be sure to pull out a couple of these puppies so you can be the envy of the whole campground. And if you just can’t justify $600 for a lawn chair, stick it in the foyer for the rest of the year and just throw it in the camper when you leave on your next trip.

If you wanna pick up one of these puppies, you can get one at