10 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time Of The Year To Go Camping

Think that just because summer is over that camping season has come to an end for the year?

Well, think again. I've got ten reasons for you why fall is the best time of the year to go camping. If you finally managed to find where to get the best quality camping tents with multiple rooms and do not want to wait till next summer to try them out, go camping now.

fall campsite

1) Campgrounds are Less Crowded (and less noisy) - especially during the week. During the summer campgrounds can be really crowded with beaches that are so full of people there's not enough room to walk, trails that resemble busy city streets, concession stands with long lines, nearby towns that swell to several times their normal size, and so much night-time people noise that it drowns out the sounds of nature.

In Fall that all changes. You may only meet one or two people while hiking a three mile trail and often you don't meet anyone at all. There are very few people camping during the week because the kids are in school. Weekdays in the Fall are a great time for adults to enjoy camping with lots of peace and quiet. And while the campground concession stands may be closed and some of the stores in town may have shut down for the season, the businesses that are open are enjoying a much leisurely pace of life and have time to chat with their customers and maybe share a story or two. For example, during my camping trip last Fall the lady who ran a chocolate store in a lakeside town we were camping near told us waterspouts are a common occurrence in the Fall and that townspeople often sat in front of her store to watch them. We kept an eye turned to the sky the next couple of days and were lucky enough to catch one on film. If we had been at her store during the busy summer months she wouldn't have had time to chat with us.

2) Less Bugs and Creepy Crawlies - I'm a girl who is seriously allergic to insects so summer camping isn't much fun for me. But in the fall after the first hard frost, the bugs are gone and camping is a joy. Although there is an increased chance you may need rat removal from campers and cabins, there are no more mosquitoes biting, no more flies and bees buzzing around the food, and no ants or other creepy bugs crawling up your legs. Best of all, there are no bugs flying into a person's mouth as they are riding their bike on a campground trail.


3) Autumn Campfires - Campfires are one of best parts of camping but during the months of July and August it is often too hot to sit around a campfire and really enjoy it. But, during the cooler nights of fall, a crackling campfire is extra cozy and comforting. Plus, there's nothing quite like enjoying a morning cup of coffee or hot chocolate while watching a campfire or cuddling around the fire with someone special in the evening and enjoying a mug of hot mulled wine or cider.

4) Cooking Soups, Stews, and Cobblers in a Dutch Oven - To me, hearty Dutch oven beef stew, thick chunky chili, and luscious warm fruit cobblers taste best when cooked and eaten outside when there's a little bit of a chill in the air. The food smells so good while it's cooking that it's hard to wait until it's done!

5) The Changing of the Leaves - Fall is hands down the most gorgeous time of the year. It's when nature puts on a dazzling color show with the rich colors of yellow, oranges, and reds set against a backdrop of bright blue skies. Driving down a tree lined road that is a canopy of color, hiking a trail while leaves flutter down off trees, watching squirrels scamper and play amid a forest floor of colorful leaves, or just gathering a bunch of leaves up into a pile and jumping into them are wonderful things that can only happen in the Fall of the year.

fall trees on road 6) Indian Summer - The weather during Fall camping trips is often much nicer than camping trips in May or June. Those beautiful Indian summer days that are the last warm and sunny days of the year have the bonus of fall colors, little to no bugs, and the crisp earthy smell of Autumn.

7) Fall Produce - While I love the bountiful produce available during the summer the abundant fall produce of brilliant orange pumpkins, plump fall raspberries, crisp juicy apples, hearty potatoes, crunchy carrots, dazzling varieties and colors of squash, and the last of ripe red tomatoes.

jack-o-lantern8.) Spooky Hikes - Many campgrounds have haunted hikes throughout the month of October. They typically consist of a night-time walk down a Halloween decorated trail that is lit by torches or luminaries. Sometimes the hike is preceded by pumpkin carving. The hikes are usually family friendly and not scary at all. Some hikes are educational in nature with stations that discuss the "animals of the night."


9) Cooler Weather - While the heat of the summer is enjoyable to many people the hot humid days can drain a person's strength and energy and make them want to do nothing more than lie in the shade. Camping in the Fall means waking up to refreshing brisk morning air and hurrying to pull on a sweatshirt before starting a warming fire to cook breakfast. By mid-morning it's getting warmer and is perfect weather for a long hike or bike ride that lasts until mid-afternoon. When the cooler evenings and earlier darkness set in it's the perfect time to enjoy one of those Autumn campfires with the sounds of nature serenading you.

picture of deer in woods10) Wildlife Comes Out of Hiding - Fall is mating season for some mammals like deer, moose, elk, and antelope. My husband and I live where whitetail deer are abundant and we see a lot more deer during Fall hikes in the woods than during any other time of year. Small mammals, such as squirrels seem to be much more active in the Fall too which makes sense since they are busily gathering provisions to get them through the long winter.